3 Reasons To Join A Health and Wellness MLM Company

Let’s face it. There are a lot of MLM or Network Marketing companies out there, and if you are someone wanting to get into the home based business industry, choosing the right company can be daunting. It’s well known that in the Network Marketing profession, you need to be passionate about your product. If you are not passionate about your product then you will have a hard time promoting it.

Many Network Marketing companies offer different products and services from energy, to communications services, to health and wellness. I am basically going to talk about why choosing a health and wellness MLM company might be one of the best decisions you make in your home based business career.

Firstly, health and wellness is the next wave or next revolution. In the US today, according to Economist Paul Zane Pilzer, 1.5 trillion dollars is spent on the “sickness industry”, on health care, trying to make people better. Lots of people now are making the shift to wellness or preventive measures. In his book “The Wellness Revolution” he predicted that by 2010, almost a trillion USD of the country’s economy will be spent on products and services that will make people look and feel better, combat anti-aging, etc. This is 2015, and we are seeing the truth of his prediction now.

People are now seeing the side effects of traditional treatments and are now opting for alternative measures, a more preventive approach versus a curative approach.

Secondly, in MLM health and wellness, there is the product experience. Once you take a food supplement which is filled with vitamins and nutrients your body is not used to, your body begins to function at different peak levels. It’s not uncommon for people to report that symptoms of certain ailments which disturbed them before vanished after taking a supplement.

Scientists are beginning to discover that most of the ailments being treated today can be traced to poor nutrition. Now once someone has a fantastic product experience, what is the person likely to do? Introduce it to their friends, families, colleagues, enemies, etc. And that is the spirit behind network marketing.

Thirdly, most MLM health and wellness companies have an autoship program, or monthly volume requirement. If you have had a powerful product experience and you are the product of the product, there is a high chance that you will reorder the product and keep using it. If you will reorder it, there is a very high chance that your team members and others in your downline will reorder, and this monthly reordering makes it easy to earn residual income easily.

With health and wellness being one of the biggest trends happening around, it makes sense to align with the times, and get behind a wellness product you can use for yourself, realize the benefits and have no qualms recommending it to others which will put you on a very good start in your Network Marketing career.

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What Are the Eight Sure Ways of Attaining Permanent Health and Wellness?


Also referred to as the eight doctors that man can trust, they have been tested and proven especially by the Seventh Day Adventist, more specifically those from Loma Linda. For about one and a half centuries, these laws have been used in the treatment as well as the prevention of diseases and health conditions. Do you really wish to know who these doctors are? Then read on.

Bearing the acronym “NEWSTART,” the laws of health and wellness are: Nutrition followed by Exercise, pure Water and Sunshine. Others are Temperance, fresh Air, and Rest and lastly, Trust in divine power. As Thomas Edison foretold that the future doctor would base the cure of diseases not on the use of the conventional drugs but on preventive measures, so will these principles act to protect you from diseases.


Nutrition comprises of what we ought to out and that which must be discarded. The best food for any organism is plant-based as proven in Genesis 1:29 in the Bible. Many will argue that a plant-based diet will not nourish the body with all the required nutrients but it is a proven fact that for the two thousand years from creation to the floods of Noah, people were healthier and of great stature yet they subsisted on plants alone. Vegetarians today are also a testimony that it is possible to subsist on plants only. All animal products bring about acidity in the system together with Low Density Level (LDL) cholesterol. These two are the main causes of almost all the degenerative diseases in the world. The health state of the animals being used for food in most cases is also questionable.

Just to mention, the leading cause of death today are cardiovascular diseases which are largely as a result of cholesterol from animals. In a nutshell, subsist on a plant-based diet that is in as natural state as possible.

What about Exercise?

Most researches have dwelt their studies on the muscle exercise forgetting to mention the brain exercises yet they are needed in equal measure. People involved in sedentary activities mostly exercise their brains where as those in blue-collar jobs mostly exercise the muscles. Hardly will it be possible for the brains not to be exercised since just having deep thoughts is always enough exercise. For the muscles, no exercise will ever be better than walking fast for thirty minutes at least four times a week. In addition to the removal of toxins, you will be able develop lean muscles.

Water the Great Doctor

Pure water should be used both internally as well as externally. The purpose is to cleanse the system as well as regulating the osmotic pressure and body temperatures. At least eight glasses of water should be drunk on a daily basis. Together with these, hot foot-bath has been used in the treatment of most illnesses thus proving the statement that water is medicine.

Sunshine, Free of Charge

Sunshine is known to be the best source of vitamin D. In addition to strengthening ones bones, Vitamins are antioxidants that are given credit for reversing as well as preventing most degenerative diseases such as cancer and the likes.


Temperance is a virtue that is with only a small portion of the population. It means using the healthy substances in moderation where as completely discarding the unhealthy products. How many will say that, “For sure, I know that carbonated drinks such as Cola aren’t healthy for me but I can’t stop using them?” that’s intemperance.

Oxygen from Fresh Air

Fresh air is vital for proper respiration to take place. Cancer cells only survive where anaerobic respiration takes place. It is therefore important for you to exercise in places with fresh air so as to ensure all your body cells respire aerobically. When attending to a sick person, it’s in order to take them to sanitariums that are located in areas with many trees for fresh air.

What about Rest?

Work without sufficient rest is one of the greatest forms of intemperance being suffered by man. Eight hours of sleep, most preferably starting at least two hours before midnight is recommended. In addition, a thirty minute nap in the afternoon is therapeutic. Also ensure that you take a day’s rest every week.

Trust in Divine Power

Lastly, after interviewing different groups of people, it was discovered that the Adventists from Loma Linda leave up to eight years longer than other groups of people who follow only seven of the above laws but don’t regularly go to commune with God.

In Review

These eight laws when followed to the latter, one will get to realize how therapeutic they are. In fact, you never know, may be these are the eight doctors that will lead you to die a peaceful natural death and at the very ripe of age. They are the health and wellness principles that you have been looking for all along.

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Health and Wellness MLM – Do You Know Why You Love it?

The past couple of days I have run into experiences that have made me reflect on why I am so passionate about my health and wellness MLM. It really is not about the money or the success. It is about changing and improving peoples lives!

My health and wellness MLM products change lives! This morning I was visiting with a young mother whose son’s health was improved greatly. They went from hopeless to hopeful. These are the kinds of things that make the world go round. Helping people is the most rewarding experience you can have in life.

In my life I was blessed with a brain tumor in my early twenties. This experience made me value life, health, and wellness to the fullest extent. The moment the doctor told me my diagnosis it felt as if my life were pulled from underneath me. All my hopes and dreams for the future became blurry.

After they removed my tumor I was considered by the doctors cured. But, they also told me I was at high risk for many diseases and ailments because of the damage it had caused. That is when I started down the path of going to the doctor all the time and not getting any answers. It was at this time I decided my wellness was my own responsibility.

Since then I have started on a supplement program from a wellness MLM company. It is amazing how vibrant I feel. My path is not always leading me to the doctor anymore. In fact it is leading me to live a life full of love and joy sharing with my family! Since that time I have made it my mission to help others who want to achieve wellness. That is why I am truly passionate about the company I work with.

The gift was given freely to me. It is important that you take time to reflect on the live changing products you have to offer. Make sure you believe in your products and company 200%. If you do not it is time to find a health and wellness MLM that provides that feeling to you!

If you are ready to choose wellness as your path in life it is critical that you start today. Every day gone is a day spent. You will never get it back again! If you are seeking to achieve a higher level of wellness take time now and visit the link in the resource box for more information.

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Setting Goals to Achieve Improved Health and Wellness

The importance of health and wellness is understood by most people. However, it can be difficult to make comprehensive changes in one’s life that will result in optimal wellness. Setting goals and making incremental adjustments is often the best way to produce changes that will truly transform your life.

To begin making positive changes in your life, it is first important to have a strong desire for better health. This desire should come from within and should not be based on fear. A strong, positive desire to be healthier will provide the motivation needed to make positive changes.

In addition, it is important to truly believe that you can achieve better health and wellness. If you start out setting goals without truly believe that you can accomplish them, you only set yourself up for failure before you even begin. Believe you can do it.

Begin first by writing your goals down on paper. The act of writing down your goals makes them concrete. Be specific about what you would like to accomplish and how reaching those goals will change your life for the better. Once you have written down your goals, place them in a prominent location where you will be certain to see them on a regular basis. This will provide you the inspiration and motivation you need each day to accomplish your goals. Review the statements you have written several times each day.

Next, develop a deadline for reaching your goals. Far too frequently, many people set goals but do not commit themselves to a deadline. This can make it easy to stray from your plans. Set a reasonable deadline to help you commit to reaching your goals.

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Orovo Review – A Look at the Revolutionary Health and Wellness Company

Many people may not realize it, but many health and wellness products are sold for anywhere between 500-1000% more than it costs to produce them. Your 30 day supply of your favorite multivitamin that costs you $40 may have only cost $5-$10 to create. As if that isn’t bad enough, many health supplement companies are constantly on the look out for ingredients they can use that cost less, are of a lower quality, and will boost their profits. Luckily, there are businesses like Orovo that take the customer into a higher consideration than they do their bank account.

Orovo was founded when a few people noticed this infamous health product trend becoming increasingly popular. They decided that they would offer affordable, high quality products that would actually work to their customers. The way they see it, if their products work, people will come back for more. No need in cutting back on production costs and raising prices just to maximize profits.

Unique formulas are offered in Orovo products, the most popular being the “Top 10 Superfoods” blend. This was developed when one of Orovo’s top businessmen watched an Oprah episode which discussed how to look 10 years younger in just 10 days. The program highlighted the 10 superfoods that, when consumed daily, would help with weight loss, anti-aging, acne, and other unwanted health problems. This powerful combination also promotes high performing immune systems and optimal health.

Orovo (named after the company) was the first product on the market to harness the power and effectiveness of the 10 superfoods blend. Since the inception of that first product, the company has expanded their product line, as well as adding new ones to combat specific health issues. Such products include weight loss boosters, a detoxification enhancer, a unique multivitamin, and a primary super-juice concoction which all promote a healthier you.

Now that their product lines have been established and are becoming increasingly successful, Orovo is offering a business associate program for anyone interested in starting a home based business. Not only will their associates receive wholesale discounts on all Orovo products, they will also be able to earn cash for referring others to the company. The opportunity works on a 6 x 6 matrix, meaning the more people you refer, the more money you can potentially earn. In the least, the program will be able to pay for the products you use that are produced by Orovo, meaning your can reach optimum health for free.

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